Ridinr6 August 5, – Their slices bob burns no bananas cc into fades and straight shots right before our eyes. Don’t let the funny name mislead you. I remember first taking the No Bananas out to the range and hitting about a dozen balls with a near 45 degree open stance By the turn of the century, Bob Burns Golf was designing and manufacturing its own lines of metal woods and contemporaneously engineered irons, wedges, and putters. The clubface remains open at impact, or the swing path is outside-in.

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But I found it practically impossible to gauge speed with this putter and could not get used to the BFG. Please note – this is coming from someone who started out golf with the dreaded slice, but banannas practice and persitance turned it into a slight fade, and finally a predictable draw.

The No Bananas line has extended into irons, which allow for customization burnz lie, loft, weighting and spin. Its not for everyone but thank god that Bob Burns made it. I agree that the driver will definitely help those that suffer from a slice.

I normally slice real bad off the tee but every other part of my game is great. Seriously, do you think your driver has a square clubface? Most companies incorporate one or two of these features into a club but the No Bananas has them all. I fight a slice and have always purchased the draw drivers. We had the same bruns people hit the irons and the feedback we got was pretty good.


Several functions may not work. The amount of left-to-right spin imparted on the ball decreases dramatically, and the result is straighter, more accurate shots. Smallville July 14, – Offset – This is one of the most noticeable features of this club.

We’ve had both readers and customers rave about this club and it’s ability to keep the ball in play.


Posted 30 July – Posted 31 July – Jim December 27, – The clubs came in a large heavy tube clearly marked with the company brand and having never seen or tried any of their equipment, we were pretty excited. On a positive note, Gurns Burns customer service has been excellent.

My last round of golf I made it on the fairway 2 times.

Last year I burn to reshaft it professionally done the flex I had was a senior flex due to back problems military related I put in a regular flex top of the line shaft, bsnanas was a mistake I say all that to ask if you can work with me again. At first we thought that it might just be another cheap nock off of the Taylor Made Movable Weight Technology, but we couldnt have been more wrong.


Truth is most of them are ineffective. My slice has been corrected and I have much more confidence on the tee. It comes with a Magilla Gorilla head cover, and No Bananas fairway woods and irons bananaa are available with oversized heads and anti-slice technology.

Also, there is a rattling sound in my driver head, as if something came loose inside. Bob Burns truly delivers a high quality and original product when it comes to the No Bananas Driver.

Bob Burns Custom Clubs | Product Page

Posted 01 August – Please enter an answer in digits: In addition, a line of No Bananas fairway woods matches the driver, including a 2-wood that packs all of the DAT’s features into a cc clubhead, along with No Bananas hybrids and irons. The company has also introduced bb interchangeable shaft system. Courtesy of Bob Burns Golf. Another interesting feature of this putter is the BigLite grip. Someone that doesn’t slice shouldn’t bother trying this club I was the lone tester that made more with this putter than my own.