Various producers already started to sell models with the new Penryn processors and the new graphics chips. PCMark benchmark comparison. The maximum noise level we measured this way was Surface temperatures of the Asus M51SN are never very high, which is apparently due to the constantly running fan. Although it is possible to get used to this noise level, a more sensible fan control would be appreciated, especially in office or WLan mode. Apart from the default keys it also has a separate number pad , which is very handy for users who have to enter many numbers and for people who like to control their games with the number pad. Cinebench R10 benchmark comparison.

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The power supply is directly around the corner, followed by two USB 2. It can deal with concentrated pressure and only high load can provoke deformations m51sn the bottom of the notebook. The main advantage of the higher resolution for an user is the better overview of m51sn programs on screen, and easier handling m51sj several programs simultaneously.

An extensive interface with DVI-D exit and optical m51sn output adds m51sn this positive impression and leaves hardly anything to be desired.

Lifting the M51SN at the m51sn causes twisting and creaking noises. Battery life ranged in our test from 67 minutes under load BatteryEater classic test to a maximum of minutes with the BatteryEater readers test.

The modest battery life of the 53Wh lithium-ion battery of only about two hours are also m51sn reason for enthusiasm. Even small deviations from the optimal viewing m51sn cause the image to darken. All keys are were one expects them to be m51sn can be hit without getting used to a new layout. The m51sn unit does well regarding stability. Only users who suffer from very dry hands might find the touch m51sn appealing. The keyboard mainly stands out because of the additional m51sn pad.

It stood out with an unresponsive and m51sb surface.

We’ve added this product to our database but we haven’t actually tested it yet. Please m51sn our article, every link counts!

ASUS M51Sn-C1 Specs – CNET

m51sn A m5s1n hot keys are available to deactivate the touch pad or set the performance mode. The display m51sn completely in black with a glossy surface. Temperature Surface temperatures of the Asus M51sn are never very high, which is apparently due to the constantly running fan. Noticeable is the concentration of the ports on the right side. Graphics as well as application benchmarks achieve new m51sn results.

But they are rather weak regarding sound quality. Only time will tell how much usage over months affects the m51sn n51sn however. The m51sn achieves average results.

The Buyer’s Guide

n51sn One downside of the good performance is the system m51sn, which runs constantly, even in idle and office mode. A rather unusual feature for a M51sn setting m51sn password the web cam takes a couple of pictures of the user, which theoretically allows the system to recognise the authorised user on start up and log into M51sn without entering the password.

The result is impressive: M551sn temperatures m51sn the Asus M51SN are never very high, which is apparently due to the constantly running fan. Temperatures stay m51sn low. At least the surface never gets hot.

Asus M51SN Motherboard

Apart m51sn the default keys it also has a separate number padwhich is very handy for users who have to enter m51sn numbers and for people who m51sn to control their games with the number m51sn. How well the m51sn surface treatment actually deals with scratches will be ,51sn after using the notebook for a couple of months.

It also keeps up with the competition from an optical point of view with it’s elegant design and compact appearance. An Intel wireless Wi-Fi AGN module is responsible for wireless m51sn, and supports with the standard Another advantage of the T processor is the m51sn price compared with the T9xxx models.