Connect the fuser narrow media cable. The values for this setting range from 0 to , and the default value is High-capacity feeder 2 Service Manual Clear Log, Exit Diagnostics To print the event log: Cabling diagrams 5 Page Page Page – Assembly If the voltage is incorrect, go to step 4. Remove the right rear cover mounting screw C.

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Select Restore to reset the values to the factory settings, and select Do Not Restore to exit without changing the settings. Toshiba e studio 500p for correct POST functioning of the base printer by observing the following: Page Locate the paper alignment assembly reference adjustment screw B through the left frame, and remove the screw. Reconnect the printhead laser cable. To run the Sensor Test for toshiba e studio 500p standard bin: Page 56 Service error codes 9xx.

Installation Remove any washer that may be present A and discard.

Page Print quality—light print Service tip: Note the order of C-clips bushing, and washer when you reinstall. Optional sheet paper tr Selecting Print Media Selecting print media Selecting the toshiba e studio 500p print media for toshoba printer helps you avoid printing problems.

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Remove the C-clip securing the MPF solenoid assembly on the shaft. Be sure the paper size switch is set to the correct paper size setting and the rear paper guides are in the correct locations for the size of paper installed in the high-capacity feeder tray.

Release the input paper sensor from its mounting, toshiba e studio 500p remove. Paper low switch cable High-capacity 500; option If the test fails, check the voltage at J gray. Page Diagnostic information Disconnect the toner sensor cable, and remove the toner sensor. Remove the power takeoff shaft and spring A through the bottom of the printer.

Remove the three screws toshiba e studio 500p the cartridge duct A.

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Remove the ground cable screw C. Cabling Diagrams 2 Assembly Signature button contact assembly removal Remove the print cartridge.

Check the media in tray x to make sure it is within specifications. Sensor Test standard output bin This test is used to verify if the standard bin sensor is working correctly. The printer detects a tray needs to be inserted.

Connect the fuser narrow media cable. Make sure the option is correctly installed toshiba e studio 500p attempting to service the unit. Installation Move the fuser exit sensor flag out of the way to clip the sensor securely into the cover.

Page Installation Remove any washer that may be present A and discard. Pull the arm down.

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If you have an optional sheet feeder, open the front door, press the elevator button A to lower the tray, remove the jam, and toshiba e studio 500p sure the stack of print media is neat and aligned. Page fuser input sensor removal connectors input sensor tray tests installation input source tests parts catalog toshiba e studio 500p tray feed test removals installation service check bevel gear fuser board fuser assembly fuser cover fuser exit sensor Upper front cover outer bezel removal 1.

Remove the left side door. Media is fed from the default input source to the selected output bin. If the problem is prior to the toshoba input sensor and in the base machine, repair as necessary. High-capacity feeder 1 Page Page – Assembly With toshiba e studio 500p help, your equipment will function properly!

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Left door removal Open the upper and lower front covers. Paper support removal Raise the paper support, and lift to release the latches. If the error remains, go to step 6. Remove the redrive assembly. Integrated Tray Autocompensator Assembly Removal Integrated tray autocompensator assembly removal Remove the paper toshiba e studio 500p.