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The focus is on teaching you the real bluesincluding advice on singing while finger picking.

A small nit, but don’t let it stop you from making the investment in his course. When I initially got into blues finger picking, there wasn’t much readily available in terms of videos revealing these ‘secrets’. No Gimmicks, Tricks or Fine Print. Jim Bruce’s studies of the old masters have been blues guitar lessons pdf download diligent and his transcriptions, with all their nuances, are so accurately rendered that the man should be awarded a PHD in Musicology!

Jim provides a no-questions fast pdd if you aren’t delighted with his blues lesson videos, personally I can’t see that he gets lots of disappointed clients. A lot of the appeal of fingerstyle blues particularly ragtime can be more of an acoustic impression than actual notes being played – there’s not as much going on as your ears would have you think!

Good instruction and blues guitar lessons pdf download broken down to easy to learn sections.

This is the best acoustic guitar instructional DVD I’ve ever bought. I’ve seen finger style guitar made to hard by many teachers, but this course gets you playing and doesn’t leave you frustrated because you will get results and have fun.

Video is polished and while not shot in a studio, is very good. Jim often gives alternative versions or licks – ones he plays on blues guitar lessons pdf download street which are also helpful in finding other ways to play the song.

You will learn by watching demonstrations as Jim shows you lwssons how the old blues men played those classic songs. Keep teachin’ that pickin’ Jim. Straightforward, clear and clearly passionate about the blues. Thanks Jim for a comprehensive learning tool to study acoustic blues guitar. I have dodnload several ,guitar instructional dvd’s and your course is the best. It has for me. As long as you can easily play typical chord shapes and rhythms fairly well, then that ought to be all you require, together with string the desire to practice and find out just how to do it right.

This is for the intermediate player dowlnoad, but if you know your basic chords and are prepared to blues guitar lessons pdf download the effort in, I’m sure you will get there.

The fullness of the sound seems like 2 guitars playing together and is something that’s difficult to beat. Blues guitar lessons pdf download quote the man: The tabs are simple lessos accurate, and he combines them with close ups of the left and right hands so there is no guessing. You will learn how to play complete songs, not just licks and ‘tricks’.

A great player and a great teacher. Jim likewise discusses how each tune is played in addition to pointers where extra detail is needed.

I discovered the music by listening along with a couple of tabs from books. Jim’s course is going to be difficult to beat and I’m more than blues guitar lessons pdf download to recommend it, if you want the best take on to take on fingerstyle blues guitar. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you’ll be refunded, no questions asked! And here you learn how to play it right.

The lessons are well tabbed and essy to follow. Jim clearly has a love affair with all forms of acoustic blues, and it shows with these easy to follow transcriptions.

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons – Acoustic Blues Guitar – Jim Bruce

I am thankful vownload his blind blake lesson collection, he teaches complete complicated songs from start to finish and breaks it down making learning easier. A highly recommended course for seasoned players, and likely a godsend for those who haven’t played much at all. The Brits have had a long love affair with American blues. Thanks Jim,for putting dowwnload course together. Simply plain straight talking “how to play fingerstyle blues guitar”.

Really like the way you yuitar each bar and lick blues guitar lessons pdf download the singing really helps on the timing. Not just do you get many hours worth blues guitar lessons pdf download videos revealing you the best ways to play all the tunes, but also high quality guitar tuition for a guitar style that’s not that common at this quality.

The tune selection is extensive and outstanding.

As a lifelong resident of Chicago, I was startled to discover in the 60s blues guitar lessons pdf download 13 years guifar age the music I was listening to from England primarily electric blues as played by Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer and Eric Clapton was originally from my hometown, albeit the “other side of the tracks.

Unusually in the world of online guitar tutorials, you are really getting exactly what you pay for