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They will try to discredit your recommendations, call “BS” on them, or find flaws in your logic or reasoning. Please type your email address carefully, entering your email also subscribes you to my Case Secrets Email Newsletter. The same is true with clients.

Butdase than pay overly close attention to the specific case in point 7th pdf download format which is essentially the premise behind all of your questionsI would encourage you to carefully study and emulate the thinking and communication process demonstrated by the candidates who delivered exceptional performances. Yet you put Case in Point forward as a great resource that’s why I’ve worked through all of it. Nor do the post case comments. Why does this happen?

Are they good to practice and can I rely on the suggested answers and the structure of the suggested answers or would you ignore them?

EBook Centre: Case In Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation, 8th Edition

Having said that, you don’t want to force fit the wrong framework or inappropriate framework to the problem. I am not sure if you answered specifically if you think the CIP cases are good. My feeling is that your way seems better, because it is more data driven.

Now if you “conclude” that the client should shut down the eastern region, and you can prove why that makes sense, then you would of course state that conclusion to the senior client, even if they don’t want to hear the news. If you are not hypothesis driven when the question clearly calls for one, you will get “killed” in an interview.

Sometimes this is a framework, other times its just using a MECE issue tree. Other firms will ask more open-ended case questions. For example, a case in this style might have a section where they want you to calculate profits for a particular product line under case in point 7th pdf download different sets of assumptions. If the problem is close-ended, then in some cases a hypothesis is already implied by the interviewer’s question. Just solve the math problem and give the specific answer.

As a general rule, clients value a consultant’s opinion, but they value a consultant’s factually-justified conclusion more. For example, if a client or in your case an interviewer asks you, “What should I do? Often this case in point 7th pdf download more than five questions to figure out what’s going on.

Andvery importantly, if one of the factors goes against marrying Jennifer, it allows him to have a more specific deliberation. Instead it case in point 7th pdf download a case that’s been artificially chopped up into five or six specific modules that are only loosely related to each other. And if the friend says he loves her and if all the non-emotional factors are positive, it supports the “hypothesis” that yes, he should marry her.

Literally every aspect of a case interview can be back traced to some specific type of client situation the consulting firm wants to replicate, or negative situation they desperately want to avoid.

So if you without any data say, “Mr Client, you should consider shutting down the Eastern region factory,” that client immediately tells all the other clients that “BCG says we should shut down the Eastern region. The right approach is to quantitatively and logically determine why sales have gone down the last two years I have watched your lectures twice and memorized your frameworks, and I feel like they are very helpful.

So in this case, there is a case in point 7th pdf download, but because it’s already implied based on how the case was framed, you don’t need to state one independent of case in point 7th pdf download was already provided. As an example, maybe the competition introduced a new entry level product that’s taking market share away from the traditional product type that the client sells. Now, I just made up what I said above.

B4 Social – Does marrying Jennifer have a positive, negative or neutral impact on your social situation and standing? Now for the case interview itself, the specifics will vary a bit by firm and change a little from year to year.

The cases that I see in this book look very different from case in point 7th pdf download cases that you modeled. In general, the interviewee will maybe ask 5 questions pkint gather data before starting to offer ideas. Similarly, consultants routinely work in industries, on project types, solving problems they’ve personally never encountered before.

Case In Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation, 7th Edition | Free eBooks Download – EBOOKEE!

They will say something like “enough of that, I want to look at this other thing. Interviewers will often turn the case in new directions. Why does anything happen in consulting?

And it is assumed that what you say is what your firm says. Case in point 7th pdf download interviewers in these cases don’t seem to have any problems with this. Often they will jump right in to asking questions and then layout an improvised framework later. What firms want more than anything is to have happy clients that gladly pay very large fees. That was my Fault. Often the initial hypothesis was wrong, but we figured that out very quickly, precisely because we had a concrete hypothesis that was disprove-able.

Case in Point

In these cases, McKinsey has taken an open-ended case and broken it down for you into discrete “chunks” that are more “closed. The client your friend wants a yes or no answer. If you found this post useful, I suggest becoming case in point 7th pdf download registered member it’s free to get access to the materials I used to pass 60 out of 61 case interviews, land 7 job offers, and end up working at McKinsey.

There’s one chapter in Case in Point that’s really well done — the one on estimation questions.